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11/21/23 – Canton People’s Choice!

Canton Chamber Board Chair Devon Smith (left) presents a People’s Choice Best of Canton Award to World Class Detroit owner Matt Haran.
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11/11/23 – Celebrating with Vann!

Vann and Matt
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11/1/23 – Ride-along with CBS News Detroit

This past Monday afternoon, I had the pleasure of hosting CBS News Detroit meteorologist/reporter Ahmad Bajjey for a ride-along interview. Ahmad had heard about my career-change story and thought it would make a nice feature for their local news coverage.

It was pretty interesting to see him putting the piece together. After I arrived at his home and he explained his vision for the segment, he began shooting various videos, from various angles, of me approaching my vehicle, loading my snacks and drinks into it, getting into it, and starting it. Then we were off driving around town while he interviewed me about what inspired me to retire from corporate communications, my experience as an entrepreneur, and my vision for World Class Detroit. I told him how WCD is well-positioned in the Detroit limousine market because I offer superior car service at a better price. Judging by WCD’s growth in just one year, word is spreading and it is very exciting!

Ahmad’s piece will air sometime in late November or early December, so keep an eye out for it!

CBS News Detroit meteorologist Ahmad Bajjey and Matt Haran of World Class Detroit

Ahmad Bajjey, CBS News Detroit meteorologist/reporter (left), and Matt Haran, owner/chauffeur of World Class Detroit