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9/14/23 – In front of the camera!

I had a blast being interviewed by Canton Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Paden for the Chamber’s “Business Spotlight” show. The show aired at the beginning of September and is playing on Canton’s cable access TV channel throughout the month. Being in front of a camera is always challenging for me. After all, I spent most of my corporate communications career behind the camera writing messages, talking points and scripts for others to use! However, I remembered media training principles that I used when coaching others, and it all turned out fine. I’m actually very pleased with how I did — primarily because I think my passion for my new profession came through in the interview. If you haven’t had a chance to see the interview, you can find it here: World Class Detroit in “Business Spotlight.”

1 thought on “9/14/23 – In front of the camera!

  1. Nice job dad! It’s almost like you used to write and edit a lot or somethingšŸ˜‚Also, congrats on your first TV interview with WCD! I love you!

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